55w Pond Lamp Clear-Pond

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55w Pond lamp, for UVC pond steriliser and clarifier machines, suitable for use in all major brands.

55w Pond lamp – Quality

Our Clear-Pond 55w Pond lamps are produced to international safety and quality control standards, therefore complying to all European regulations including Rohs & CE.

Please select the correct lamp for your unit, this lamp has a 4 pin (PLL type) cap and an overall length of 909mm if you are unsure please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

GPX “PLL” UV lamp 55 watt 4 pin 2G11 cap

Overall Length (mm) 909
Diameter (mm) 38
UVC Radiation (watts) 18
Useful Life (hour) 8000

The Small Print

Please replace your lamp every 6-12 months to ensure optimum performance.

When replacing lamp the quartz sleeve should be cleaned and washed with water to remove any dirt that may have built up, please ensure you do not get any water on to the lamp, the quartz sleeve must be completely dry before putting it back in to the unit

*Most filters feature a safety cut off switch which will stop your lamp from illuminating until your unit is fully reassembled.


Clear Pond lamps are produced to a European specification, packed & tested in the UK.

All orders received before 3pm dispatched same day.

Alternative sizes (2 pin PLS cap)

5w Pond lamp Clear-Pond UVC

9w Pond Lamp Clear-Pond UVC

11w Pond Lamp Clear-Pond UVC

Alternative sizes (4 pin PLL cap)

18w UVC Pond Clarification Lamp

24w UVC Pond Clarification Lamp

36w Pond Lamp Clear-Pond UVC


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